We support the creation of new brands, rebrands, limited editions, and more with expert proofing and quality packaging mock-ups. Beyond providing proof of concept and manufacturing confidence, we help our clients elevate their creativity by exploring the possibilities of print.

Our disruptive approach is explorative, experimental and playful. Rather than relegating print to the end of a project, we provide our expertise and support throughout the creative process to achieve greater efficiency, dynamic collaboration and stronger creativity.


Proofing plays a vital role in successfully getting your brand to market. In putting your design concept  to the test, this important step determines what adjustments need to be done to achieve maximum colour accuracy and consistency for mass production. It saves time, costs and headaches. 


Our proofing endgame is to instill you with the confidence you need for real production viability. To do this, we combine a number of processes that match most full production techniques to create an meaningful proof - one that can be reproduced in full production.

Used in internal meetings, research sessions and advertising shoots, well-executed packaging mock-ups can make all the difference in a successful project launch. In bringing together old school techniques, fresh technologies and vigilant attention to detail, we are able to produce pretty much anything you can dream up - so dream big. 


In THE PLAYGROUND, you can explore the possibility of print and experiment with finishes to ensure your project achieves technical viability, design integrity and creative edge.  


We’ve been clients ourselves, so we know what print runs can be like – frustrating, confusing, a bit boring. That’s why we make sure that your trip to Croydon is worth your time. Whilst you’re in our house, you’ll have our full attention. Our goal is to keep you involved, informed and inspired by the possibilities of print. 

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